31 May 2014 Saturday
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Peace Run Penang 2014

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22 Mar 2013 Friday
Looking for Volunteers!

We are always short on hand as charity and peace requires constant and new blood to replace the old. We at SCI Penang wants to voice out to the world and people to come forth and volunteer with our Penang branch located beside Penang’s Governor Mansion. We are always grateful of the new people and our committee for proving through though times and technology. We at SCI is a global NGO with a vision for peace. Peace for all!

Stuff you help with,

  •  Help the blind
  • Create fundraising to further fund our peace activities and charity movement
  • Create a new younger generation of members to carry on our good deeds
  • Meet SCI members around the world and have friends around the globe not just in Facebook Big Smile
  • We do hold yearly events such as penang peace run which is ALWAY in NEED of volunteers!
  • Cook together for the orphans, seniors, and disableds

So come on over and join us now! Adore 

We hope to see you soon! Ha Ha.

Register yourself here! 

19 Jan 2013 Saturday
SCI 72nd ICM in KL, Malaysia

SCI Malaysia was honoured to host the 72nd SCI ICM in Kuala Lumpur. This includes the 4-in-1 back to back event – The Regional APM (Asian Platform Meeting), the International Peace Seminar – themed “Volunteering for Peace”, the ICM (International Committee Meeting – Conference), and the post ICM International Workcamp. All the events were successfully held and met and exceeded the expectation of the attendees. Special Thanks to members of ICM Organising Committee headed by Nurul, and the workcamp by William, and also the support of our JPNIN (Jabatan Perpaduan Negara dan Integrasi National) and to Encik Zulkifli in particular. Thank you and your team. The Peace Seminar, Conference and Intercultural Visits were well organised, impressionable and am sure lasting and productive. Attach are just some of the photos – more photos and video can be obtaianed from the Flickr link. Salam Perpaduan


19 Jan 2013 Saturday
World Wide Branches

SCI currently consists of 44 branches. These branches are located in all continents, but most of them can be found in Europe and Asia.  Branches are members of SCI and therefore have a voting right at the International Committee Meeting (ICM). Groups and contacts are young member organisations that are on their way to becoming a branch of SCI.

Even though branches are part of SCI and share the same values and ideas, they work independently in their own country on the exchange of volunteers and coordination and organsiation of short and long term projects. This decentralized way of working makes close cooperation and consultation with local communities possible.

Communication between two or more SCI branches happens through international meetings and seminars, but also on a daily basis with support of e-mail, Skype and social media. Besides, branches cooperate by organising regional or international projects or campaigns together, and by participating in one or more of the international SCI working groups.

SCI also cooperates with many partner organisations. Partner organisations are independent but like-minded organisations that have in common with SCI that they also run international voluntary projects. Partner organisations join the SCI network and by doing so expand the number of voluntary projects and add new areas of interest and countries that volunteers are invited to explore.

SCI branches and partners cooperate in many ways, but mainly through volunteer exchange. You will for examlpe find voluntary projects organised by SCI partner organisations on the on-line database.  Partner organisations can also actively participate in an international working group, or cooperate with other partners and branches in organising a campaign on a specific theme.  They are however not members of SCI and therefore they have no voting rights at the most important meeting of SCI, the ICM. Partners can become an SCI branch after a few years of cooperation in the SCI network with positive evaluation results. The decision to accept a new branch lies with the ICM.

22 Oct 2012 Monday
Working Partner

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21 Oct 2012 Sunday
SCI Penang St. Nicholas Food Carnival

We will be setting up a food stall in Penang’s St. Nicholas food carnival event. Come and join us raise funds in aid of St. Nicholas home for the blind.

The carnival will be on 3rd November 2012 .
Time is 10AM – 3PM

SCI Penang will be featuring Special Fried Rice!


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